A flirty summer with silk scarves – here’s how to wear them this season

Here are a few things related to the scarf – the fashion addition of every woman
November 22, 2018

The silk scarves of impressive dimensions of 150 cm x 150 cm make it possible to wear them in different ways – like a kaftan, wrapped around the waist instead of a belt, shifted around the neck or head. Often you will not need a complete wardrobe with a large size scarf because it can turn into a silky dress / pareo in a second or a delicate and luxurious silk top in which you will lure your sighs during the summer evenings on the shore.

The beauty of silk conquers all over the world. Therefore, if you go on a journey, a silk scarf or scarves become must-have pieces required in your luggage. Croata fashion accessories are ideal travel partners because, when they agree, they take up little space, they provide you with a quick wow effect, and with them you get enough simple clothes of good cuts.

A striking silk scarf is an eternal synonym for discrete luxury – as the sensual harmony of the finest texture, magic color and luminous shine is a symbol of elegance and timeless elegance. In these cold days, she will warmly warm you with her gentle embrace, and with a bit of creativity help to refresh unexpectedly and imaginatively with every dress combination.

For those who choose top quality and exclusive design, the right inspiration is Freywille scarves made from one hundred percent Italian silk. The personal and wonderful compositions measuring 90 × 90 cm, weighing 65 grams and handmade, are created after two years. In this complex process, months of patient manual work are required, with full dedication to details so that the first sketches made by gewash technicians turn into a real silk artwork.

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