How are trendseters wearing the scarf and where to find the most beautiful now?

In modern society, this comfortable accessory is ideal for a summer dress, light blouse, jeans and shorts
April 2, 2018
Here are a few things related to the scarf – the fashion addition of every woman
November 22, 2018

Under fashion accessories, we most often find shoes and handbags, but there are a whole range of details that fall into this category of accessories – small decorative items that beautify every combination, give it style and personality. And when it comes to such fashion accessories, the silk scarf has just such a timeless quality that this spring, when the trend of scarves goes up, is especially pronounced.

A few months ago, we already wrote about them in the context of the spring report, and now the trend has further crystallized and flooded fashion stores. The suggestion is a lot – a silk scarf can even wrap around the handle of your favorite handbag.

The offer of scarves is rich and diverse and in order to get to the sea in different models, we decided to highlight you the most beautiful, but also the most popular. Brands that are world-renowned for fine silk scarves.

This season, the fashion brands have shifted the focus from the usual fashion accessories to scarves and various other hair details. What makes or tie hair, bumps or ordinary rubber is no longer important, because these functional hairdressers are left to the place with the finest details that bring each hairstyle to a higher level, and the scarf is certainly one of those details.

The best thing is that scarves, which can really make a quick make over hair, will not take too much money. High street shops are packed with striking and colorful print models that bind around the head, high or slightly lower to the forehead, sway through a braid or bundle in a loop to secure a tail or bundle. Even if you can achieve that several strands of casual lelu around the whole composition with the scarf, you get a sleek and nonchalant summer hairstyle that looks great.

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