In modern society, this comfortable accessory is ideal for a summer dress, light blouse, jeans and shorts

Types of scarves. How to wear and tie a scarf
February 22, 2018
How are trendseters wearing the scarf and where to find the most beautiful now?
July 15, 2018

Such models can be put on walks, meeting with friends. The original print will add grace and mischief.

With the approach of the New Year holidays I want magic and miracles. A scarf with deer will give a good mood, charge with positive emotions. In addition, it is a stylish and fashionable accessory for this season. Scandinavian motifs will appeal to all mods. The knitted product is organically combined with any items in your wardrobe. You will emphasize your originality and sense of style.

Christmas theme is relevant on the eve of the holidays. This model will warm the heat, will create a fashionable image. Contrasting shades will fill your individual style with originality. By the way, to bind yourself such a subject is not difficult. It will be an excellent gift for loved ones.

This year’s animal print is more relevant than ever. One of the fashionable items is a scarf with owls. Moreover, such products can be found for both adults and young fashionistas. This product will reward your onions with the nobility and refinement.

These products are worn as a scarf or a cape. Stylists are advised to opt for bright colors to emphasize their originality.

These models look the same on the front and back sides. These products are relevant this season. They will organically complement the individual image. Special patterns will create a good mood.

The narrow and long scarf is now the hit of the season. Stylists suggest slightly casually throw such models on the neck. A narrow scarf helps to adjust the shape. A silhouette will appear taller and slimmer if the ends of such a product are directed downwards. At the same time, it is worth choosing a juicy and contrasting color in order to make an appropriate accent and attract attention to yourself.

A spectacular option for those who are tired of everyday life. Such products will give you elegance, originality. It is better to choose bright models that are right for you. Then any bow will become stylish and fashionable.

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